High Gloss Laminate

High Gloss Laminate for Interior

Kajaria Laminates high gloss laminate sheets are amongst the few surfacing solutions that allow a unique amalgam of aesthetics and performance. Recognized for their shiny finish, our high gloss laminates give a touch of illumination and energy. They can be used across variety of surfaces viz. countertops or cabinets. High gloss laminate sheets are also more enduring and do not lose their sheen for a long time.

Kajaria Laminate sheets are modern surfacing materials that offer plenty of features such as abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, and long life, offering a heavy-duty solution you can rely on. High gloss laminates, owing to their low maintenance and high performance last longer with the least upkeep.

Easy availability, convenient installation, durability, aesthetic looks, and excellent performance are a few among the many determinants that make our high gloss laminates a worthy consideration for your home or office. Their anti-bacterial qualities are another added advantage, as they are resistant to both moisture and bacterial growth. Kajaria Laminates brings you a range of high gloss laminate for walls, kitchen and wardrobe with superior performance and enchanting looks in a number of different colours.

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